Every Morning the dew drops shine on a Leaf, I see a Reflection of my Mother – Distilled

Living in a science and technology age, no matter how far science has bought comfort in our lives but there is nothing comfortable than resting your head on mother’s lap than a luxury couch or a hand cooked rotis and parathas than the Roti maker.

You hear plenty of words in a day, but the words that come from a mother is eternal. An assurance from a mother has a different emotional role to play than an assurance from any teacher, guide or friend. It is a bond we all know, but we never take out time to much to think so we can act more lovingly towards a mother.

I remember when i was little in school during my exams anxious nervous about how i would fair in maths? Because that’s the only subject which scared me the most of all I always asked my mom ‘Mein Pass Hojaungi Naa?’ (I will clear the exam right ) and she always replied, ‘Arrey Tu dekh, Bahut acche marks aayenge’ (You see you will pass with flying colors) I remember the content I had that moment use to be as if i have already cleared my exams with good marks.

Our mothers are so innocent, sometimes they get so deeply caught up with regular chorus activity, they feel they are not updated with life, not following the current fashion trends and updated about new things happening in life. Some moms get affected in confidence. And we just do not want to take enough time out with her as we are so busy making our own.

I don’t want to get sentimental here, it’s a fact of life where most of the mom’s still are like that they get lost in bringing up the home, our moms forget whats outside for them apart from Husband, in laws, Kitchen and a Child. I am not saying because she is a women, I am saying because she is a Human. Desires, Love and Mood swings are the same. She is nothing different but she sets herself differently playing divergent roles to different lives, she just makes differences to your life.

Our Mom’s just make our life more wonderful.

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Incorporate these points to get yourself out from Depression.

Waking up in the morning and still feeling tired, cranky. Feel disgusted. We all go through tough phases in our life. Some make us learn while some hold on to our energy in a way we feel drained. In our busy schedule to manage the work and personal mental health we often face a lot of trauma and an inner fight within ourselves which at time becomes impossible to control so much chaos within and unable to concentrate on peace, but we somehow manage because we learn how to get going on with things in life.

I wish to share with you some important points on the DO’s when you feel agitated and unable to manage these situations and how you can grow out of it. How you can grow off your depressing moments.

  1. Close your eyes and concentrate on your Breathing. Just sit in an upright position, focus on your eyes closed and take long breaths with positive affirmations to yourself.
  2. Love Yourself – Start to respect your feelings and know your worth. Let not anyone else tell you what you are capable off. If you think you are capable of doing everything then you can never let yourself down for anyone.
  3. Take yourself out – Does not matter if you have someone along with you or no, just take a break with yourself and Go out with yourself, doing something productive and explorative which can make you feel happier, distracts your mind e.g: Watching a movie, going to play games in a gaming house, etc.
  4. Enroll yourself for workshops – Explore your hobbies add some new…try different stuff take up a painting class, Baking, music, dance, quelling (anything creative), volunteering for kids summer camps etc.
  5. Read Books – If you think you like reading, find out what kind of reading you like to do and gradually build your interest and knowledge. Even self-help books work if you plan do something for yourself on your own. That’s Wonderful.
  6. Workout Everyday – Some are really prone to negative and heavy Depression phases. I want to suggest you to not sit idle at home at any hour of the day. Please be involved with something like workouts are a must for you. You definitely should consider workout a top priority. You feel fresh energetic and very positive and this is very necessary for your mental Health and well-being.
  7. Motivate & get inspired – This is too very important to always remain motivated and remain inspired for you to accept life in a very positive manner and an energy which never lets you sin all the time, whereas it helps you broaden your way to think and act mind fully. Some books which I will recommend is Oprah Winfrey, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albon, Sheryl Sandburg – a) Lean In & b) Option B. These books are very insightful i hope they help you. You can explore books which you love to read.
  8. Don’t get too attached to things – Learn to have a control over your emotions. Yes, to keep your mind well conditioned and stabilized train your mind to not get attached to things and people. Be happy with yourself. Learn to live life Compassionately rather than Envying. Love Everyone around you. 

    I hope these are some of the points which help you, just try following them I am sure you will be able to get through whatever is going within you, and help you overcome your anxieties and depressive thoughts.


    If you feel to share something or have any questions please feel free to email me.


PAST Belief System? Needs Filtration

This is the first blog post and my first post of 2018. It’s a new start for me and I wish you all lot of energy and positivity this coming year.

So basically, I am sharing with you today how kids from a middle-class family in India are getting trapped in a space which don’t give them enough room to grow spiritually, professionally and personally.

Are we as working parents in our busy schedule really focusing and attentive enough in the child’s development and growth? Do we often put pressure of our decisions to be accepted and implemented on a child? Please think and most of our answers are going to be a yes. I must tell you a story.

To be very honest, I am not a parent. But this makes me write about this topic is because its high time that we realize that child has his own choices which we need to make him understand and develop and not influence a child over wrong means.

Since now I live in New Delhi. I am much more responsible and happier now. This gives me confidence to write this for you all mothers and fathers, to be parents etc.

Well, coming back to the story, I was travelling by Metro since there was no space to sit I was standing beside two girls who were sisters by relation. They both were having a serious conversation about which career to opt in terms of stability and dignity being a girl in India.

I was shocked to hear their conversation. The elder sister said, “Government job as a teacher is the best in terms of stability and security.” No Doubt government job is a stable job. But when the younger one asked she would like to become an airhostess with a leading airline and whether to opt for that career, the elder sister just replied saying, “airhostesses are waitresses it’s not a dignified job to enter, they are not treated with respect.”

At that point when she made the statement it made me quite not okay to let a younger one think in such a negative way and interrupt in between to change the perception and choice.

But my point here is, how can we expect a change when we live in the past belief system? How well and how important is it when you give your child a support system and guidance being a parent/elder sibling or relatives and not an ownership like a property rights?

How simple is it to change a child’s perception by just giving in your perception and understanding which influences the child, since he does not yet possess an understanding for life. This is very common in India between middle-class communities also hard to believe in metro cities too. Since I have been through this and I have seen quite of it today also. It is still very common in some of the parts in India.

Is it not important that we give a neutral advice as a friend and expect the child to explore things beautifully in his own way? Figure out life on its own with a strong support system emotionally and financially and let the life make decisions on its own, what is right for him and what is not? By doing this you build up a child’s confidence.

There is I believe a period where a child discovers, since he is curious to explore during this phase he also discovers himself and finds himself, his likes and dislikes, and that is important for a child, it should not come in the way of his professional career.

There is a process to everything, to reach a goal, to construct a building, to plant a tree, so is also the process in growing up as a child. Stable and strong from within.

As a parent for you it is important to grow your child’s personality, mental & analytical skills, Behavioural habits, emotional development. You need to foster your child with confidence and growth in every area. It requires investing in your child, I don’t only mean financially but more and much more emotionally.

No child is born perfect, but we can obviously help a child to overcome and grow out of what he lacks in, build him up and let him accept himself. And it’s very important how well the parent is giving attention to their child development. And not cursing and abusing the child.

I am not an expert, but I can just broader your perception to think.





Disclaimer: This post is just the writers own perception & thoughts and a healthy discussion and do not want to harm and purposely influence any human sentiments or traditional thoughts.


“When There is Life There is Hope” – Dark Seas of Hope

Hello Peeps,

It feels wonderful to share with you all my posts on this platform. ( Soon will start sharing) I was wondering if this would take me a lot of time to understand and get done with it. But it seemed quite easy and user – friendly. I am very new to word press still learning and exploring new ways to capture the eyes of my audiences who would love and appreciate my writings. My posts will be about everything related to life-Love, journey to success & Experiences. All my writings are original and organic.

I just would like to say that there is nothing you cannot do if you have ‘A HOPE’ residing within you. I am so happy to soon launch this and I can’t wait to be sharing this news to my friends and family. Since I am still here learning and exploring new ways to get my website catchy and exciting to hook on to people reading more of my work. You can also write to me in contact section, case of any feedback or query you have. You can follow and like me on INSTAGRAM @iwalkindarkseasofhope & FACEBOOK @iwalkindarkseasofhope. I make sure I reply at the earliest I can. LET’s GROW TOGETHER…